Spider Mite Problems? 10 Best Solutions for Indoor Gardens

Homemade, DIY and Commercial Product Suggestions for Spider Mite Problems

Spider Mites are some of the most common bugs found in indoor gardens especially those who keep humidity low and run higher temperatures.

Here are 10 of the best solutions for killing Spider Mites provided by our Facebook fans:

1. Prevention: “Best way to deal with that particular problem is not to have that problem to begin with. Treat your clones before planting by dipping 100% up to cube I do not submerge the cube generally. But in a light solution I would. If you veg for say 3 weeks I would spray with my organic solution at least 2 times. I never spray during the flowering period but if you had to I guess could if no flower has developed. And some will say you can up to 4 weeks flower but i wouldn’t wanna do that ever me personally. Preventing is key. If they are there you have a serious problem. Dip your clones. Cause wherever your clones came from gave you mites if you have them. Good luck. Hope you have better luck with that war then I did. But i no longer have that problem at all:) preventing works.”

2. “Dawn dish detergent and water, make sure to spray under the leaves also.”

3. “Alcohol and water, again spray under the leaves as well.”

4. “Mild blend of the following along with colder temps: Cold and neem/tobacco/menthol/emulsifier/and a little soap mixed together.”

5. “Neem & dish soap mixed mildly with water.”

6. “Make a tea with, italian seasoning, drop of lemon juice, pitch of cinnamon, with or without a pitch of tobacco, make from hot boiled water.”

7. What about predator bugs?

“Bugs = waste of money – they will never consume all eggs and them start consuming themselves hit hot lights (HIDs) especially your LED grow lights will burn them in a sec… Other non fliers may work but its messy — I call sell you some of my organic product that is water base and kills EGGS — I wiped them out over 2 years ago haven’t seen em since. All friends have em and I don’t!”

8. “Mighty Wash I have used them all and this works the best.”

9. “A lot of insects/arachnids taste with their feet and really hate citrus. I haven’t been able to test it myself aside from keeping bugs off my porch and evicting a family of spiders from my car, but boiled lemon water does the trick for me.”

10. “Ladybugs and predator mites. Make sure to use the predator mites first for a while then introduce the lady bugs or just go with the predator mites alone. Ladybugs will eat predator mites and all other bugs but some people think that ladybugs will not eat the eggs. Predator mites only each bugs and eggs and will not bite people or pets. It may take quite a few Predator mites to get rid of a large garden of spider mites. Ladybugs will also eat aphids and other little bugs that cause plants harm, and they are super cool to look at or as my daughter says “so cute”.

If your having problems with spider mites prepare for a war and use more than one of these tactics above. Just make sure all your tactics are safe and do not cause anyone harm or make you sick when you ingest the final produce. Don’t forget to check out our full line of High Powered LED grow lights which can help your garden reach higher humidity and lower temps and turn your garden into a less friendly place for spider mites.

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