10w LED grow lights… Really?

10w LED Grow Lights – Are they Better or Just a Gimmick?

We covered 5w LED grow lights in a previous post and discussed the truth behind this type of LED grow light, but now it’s time to cover LED grow lights with 10w LEDs. 10w LEDs are made by many different types of companies around the world for industry such as parking, tunnels and other commercial fixtures.

10w Single Chip vs 10w Array

Don’t buy into the myth that a single chip LED is more powerful or more potent than an array. Although this can be true sometimes, it is definately not the rule. Watt for watt many LED clusters provide more Lumens and more PAR than their single chip counterparts, and come with many other benefits. Although there are very few single chip 10w LEDs in the market they do exist, with 10w arrays being more available.

Wattage Per LED – What will last?

CREE makes a 10w LED that can be ran between 4.5w – 6w on the high side. Like 5w or even 3w LEDs for that matter 10w LED grow lights should never run at a full 10w each, even if the manufacturer has 10w as the maximum. The “maximum” provided by most major brands of LED chips is usually the “just before it fails” calculation and should usually be cut in half for the long term operating wattage of the LED.

Which is better? 3W, 5W, 10W or Higher LEDs?

This question will be asked by many growers over the next few years as technology grows and advances into the new age of LED. Although every company in the LED grow light field will have their own opinion that they promise to be the best, the answer is not cut and dry. At this time, 3w LED grow lights are dominating the market and will continue for quite some time but 5w will become more popular soon but there is one major factor we must consider: The number and wattage of each LED.

If you have 3 10w LEDs running at 5w each vs 10 3w LEDs running at 2w each, which is better? The answer is they will be very close to the same but the 3w will probably beat out the 10w because they have a 5w advantage is power and triple the number of emitters. Here is the formula for measuring any LED grow light against another:

Step 1. Confirm the LEDs are not being over driven: example: 10w@5w each, 5w@3w, 3w@2w. (correct watts)
Step 2. Multiply the # of LEDs by the wattage of each. (Actual wattage)
Step 3. Take the total cost per LED grow light and divide by the actual wattage. ($/w)
Step 4. Buy a Diamond Series LED grow lights. :)   Diamond Series LEDs use 3w LEDs, run at the correct wattage for long term use and have an industry leading $2.80 per actual watt of power. Many other companies charge over $5 per watt for the same quality and performance.

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Happy Growing!!

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