LED Grow Lights for Sale

LED grow lights for sale in the US are offered in many different levels of quality and performance.  Before you begin looking for LED grow lights for sale try to pick which brand of LED is best for your garden.  Cheap LED grow lights are commonly made in China with Chinese parts and sold under names made to seem strong and powerful.  Names are a terrible way to determine which LED grow light to buy since many are simply misleading.

LED Grow Lights for Sale – Made in the USA

If you see an LED grow light for sale with the title “made in the USA” make sure you understand that many companies will simply lie (or mislead you) about this especially those who are new without much of a reputation (fly-by-night companies).

If the LED grow light for sale is made with all 3w LEDs make sure to ask for pictures or descriptions of there heat sinks and look for wattages not to exceed 2w each.  Heat sinks using these high powered 3w chips should always include tall fins to disperse heat quickly without reducing the life of the LEDs prematurely.  High heat is the enemy of LEDs and causes them to die much faster than the company will lead you to believe.  If heat is not a priority of the company with the LED grow light for sale then you should look elsewhere.  Those who claim extremely high wattage (higher than 2w per 3w LED) being better simply leave out the fact that the high heat produced will cause the lights to fail much quicker than they should.

LED Grow Lights for Sale with High Junction Temperature = Shorter LED Life

LEDs do not fail all at once unless there is some type of driver or connection problem.  LEDs that are driven too high will immediately begin to start fading and the point which they cross the 70% of original power will be much faster than sold to you.

Look for a brand such as Advanced LED that drives their LEDs at the highest power possible while still maintaining the life of the LED.  Choose an LED grow light for sale that features real 3w LEDs using the most advanced secondary optics available today and at least a 90 day guarantee with no hassles.

If you want to save all that time,  you can rest assured the best selling 3w LED grow lights in the USA are made by Advanced LED.  Professional and hobby growers choose Advanced LED due to low cost per watt,  high performance and extremely high levels of customer service.  Advanced LED even offers a 24 hour warranty service guarantee and a 90 day return policy to guarantee your satisfaction for all the LED grow lights sold.

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