All Blue LED Grow Lights – Veg Lights to the Max

If you want to grow any type of plants it is very important to introduce blue light during the vegatative phases of growth.  The plants are in desperate need of blue light and usually get it from the sun during the spring when the atmosphere provides the highest amount of blue spectra.  Many growers will use Metal Halide lights during vegetative phases because of their spectra giving more blue wavelengths to plants versus HPS.

All Blue LED grow lights offer many ways to provide more growth in veg cycles.  Here are a few:

1.  Using one of our Extreme Veg grow lights which is 100% blue spectra, growers can see extreme growth in veg cycles with short node distance and a high rate of leaf set and size.

2.  Using one of our all blue LEDs along with any HPS, fluorescent or other grow light provides that deep focused blue light that is designed just for plant growth.

3.  Using our All Blue LED grow lights (Extreme Veg) along with our Extreme Flower models or our Diamond Series LEDs to add even deeper and faster growth to your space.

See our tests of all blue vs Metal Halide grow lights coming up in the next few weeks.

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