How to Get the Best Value in LED Grow Lights – $ Per Watt Measurement

LED grow lights sold today are all built with similar LEDs, heat sinks and power supplies but the amount of money each company asks per watt the light uses is vastly different. Every LED grow light has two different outputs, heat and light. The amount of heat output and the amount of light output are very important and should be considered. You want to get the most light per watt of energy actually used (see below) and the least heat.

To determine how much heat a light puts out ask for the maximum operating temperature of the lights housing output point. This temperature should not be over 105 degree F. If it is over this temperature or the company refuses to give this information then you are probably going to have more heat per watt than you want. The other thing to consider is actual wattage consumed. The name of the light is means nothing unless you can confirm the operating wattage of the light. For example, a 200w Diamond Series LED consumes about 190w of power and costs $545. If you take $545 and divide by 190w ($545/190) you get an average of $2.87 per watt of actual power used. Don’t be fooled by companies who would lead you to think you are getting a great $/watt if the name says 450w but the light actually only uses 250w. Make sure you always divide the price by the actual wattage of the light. Example: Total Price/Actual Wattage = Price Per Actual Watt = Value

Make sure you get the best value or what many would call “Bang for your buck”. If you follow this rule among others to choose your light you can be sure you will not pay double for something you think is cheap or of great value. You can get the best LED grow lights on the planet (the Diamond Series LEDs) for less than $3/watt average and this is a true value when you consider the extended 3 year warranty and 90 day money back guarantee. Happy growing!

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