How to Use CO2 Systems in Grow Tents

Today we added CO2 to our 4×8 garden as many of our LED grow light customers do.  Many people are using grow tents these days but little information is available on adding a tank system to the space with maximum efficiency.  This post is intended to walk you through the steps of adding CO2 to a grow tent properly.

Here are the steps we will follow:

1.  Buying the proper equipment.

2.  Setting up the regulator and tank.

3.  Running the outlet tubing into you grow tent.

4.  Setting the flow rate for maintaining CO2 levels.

5.  How to test your CO2 levels.(coming soon)

This post is in progress and will be updated regularly.  Please, be sure to bookmark our blog and post a comment below!

1.  Choosing a CO2 Tank System for Your Grow Tent

Choosing the right CO2 operating system is very important and for simplicity we will only be covering CO2 injection systems using a tank, not propane systems or other heat generating devices.

CO2 tank systems are simple to choose from and many hydro shops offer them.  The key to choosing this type of system is to look at the range that the system covers in square feet.  Choose the CO2 system that covers your area without going overboard.  A system that is too large may waste CO2 in your garden and cost you extra money.  Another key factor is choosing a system that incorporates a regulator, a timer, a valve with fine tuned measuring device.

2.  Setting up Your CO2 Regulator and Timer

Follow the instructions on your CO2 system for installing your regulator.  Remember not to over tighten with hand tools and check your O rings to ensure they exist, are clean and well seated in the regulator attachment head.  Be careful to follow all directions.

3.  Running CO2 Tubing in a Grow Tent

Many CO2 systems have a perforated plastic tube that releases the CO2 your plants crave evenly over a large area.  Grow tents are very tall and feature a metal framework at the top that can be used to suspend the CO2 tubing.  CO2 is heavier that air and will fall so we suggest placing the tubing at the top or at least directly above your plants.  Make sure you do not kink the tubing that comes from the tank.  When the system is on you should be able to hear CO2 coming out of the tubing if everything is working correctly.

4.  Setting Flow Rates for a Grow Tent CO2 System

Coming Soon…

5.  Testing CO2 Levels in Your Grow Tent

Coming Soon…

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